Female student hanging up artwork

Our School

Here at MeyerPark we pride ourselves in offering great programs and an accelerated curriculum. We work hard to provide not only a loving, safe environment for children but also a strong bond and connection with parents and families.

We are proud to provide mandatory Spanish classes and instruction beginning in pre-kindergarten. MeyerPark teaches the whole child and offers extracurricular activities like coed basketball, an award-winning drill team, yearbook club, coed soccer, coed flag football, cheerleading, dance and ballet.. Developing a positive student is one of our main goals. 

We know that by working together, our students can accomplish anything!

Our Mission Statement

To establish a contract with the existing community through dedication to higher academic and social standards. Removing the ceiling on achievement to the students of this community and adopting a "sky's the limit" attitude to all students will encourage them to think beyond the typical community role model. Self-motivation, self-monitoring, healthy connections with qualified teachers as mentors, and development of belief systems that include success and achievement will prepare each child for the future.

Our Vision

To provide a safe school environment where students can envision their own potentials and translate that into future educational experiences and adult life as they take place in society.